Gamemaster Announcements
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The Imperial Power Beta site is now up and running. This site will see more rapid changes and serve as a sneak preview into 2.0. The old site will still be updated until then, but these are future plans. "Soon™" There will be a scoll added there letting everyone know when that will happen.

The Battle of Obulette has ended. Many NPC's and all of the droids are dead and destroyed. Ki Drayson lost his life heroically saving many other crew members. The ground team succeeded in taking out all opposition Bod'e threw at them, but at a high cost. Kody should have been killed as well - and was, for a short moment in time. He had previously earned a special GM "Get-out-of-death-once-free" card from a previous mission and had to use it.

An ancient citadel is about to be discovered. Could it hold answers to those who find it? Will it even be accessible? What about those that enter it? Will they survive the ancient, powerful traps that lay in wait? Only the passing of time will provide the answers. You have been warned....

The healing of a planet...can it be done? And at what cost? Soon these questions will be answered.